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#togetherforthefuture Kids ModaPortugal

#togetherforthefuture Kids ModaPortugal
December 19, 2022


#togetherforthefuture Kids ModaPortugal

#togetherforthefuture is the motto that focuses the campaign launched to promote the dynamism and diversity of Portuguese children's fashion internationally. Kids ModaPortugal is made up of more than 50 brands with significant export activity. #togetherforabetterfuture is based on a design and sustainability proposal so characteristic of made in Portugal.

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#togetherforthefuture es el lema de la nueva campaña lanzada por el CENIT (Centro de Inteligencia Textil) y ANIVEC (Asociación Portuguesa de Industrias de Vestuario y Confección). Una iniciativa para promover el dinamismo y la excelencia de las marcas de moda infantil portuguesas a nivel internacional. Son 8 las firmas incluidas en esta campaña, aunque el concepto se extiende a las más de 50 marcas que operan en el mercado global.

Design and sustainability

Design and sustainability

The 8 leading brands of #togetherforthefuture are characterized by the use of natural raw materials and sustainability in all production processes. Values ​​shared by Baby Gi, Knot, Laranjina, Play Up, Pureté, Snug, Wedoble and Wolf&Rita. The slogan of this initiative extols a more secure, sustainable future, one of commitment and unity of action. The video of the campaign can be seen at

Industry Transformation

Children's fashion and childcare in Portugal play a prominent role within the sector thanks to its significant export activity. According to CENIT estimates, 84% of the national production of children's fashion is marketed outside of Portugal. The turnover of the subsector is around 600 million euros, with growth of around 6% between 2019 and 2021. Kids ModaPortugal was born with the objective of growing the B2B of these brands. The campaign is committed to expanding the network of international buyers and distributors and the recognition of the quality of Portuguese fashion. This project is promoted by CENIT and ANIVEC, and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Portugal 2020 Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program.

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