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“Together for a better future”: Sustainable brands unite to go further in their internationalization

“Together for a better future”: Sustainable brands unite to go further in their internationalization
November 9, 2022


“Together for a better future”: Sustainable brands unite to go further in their internationalization

Kids MODAPORTUGAL initiative is an international promotion campaign, highlighting the dynamism of national children's fashion brands and their distinction in a very competitive global market. Aware of the relevance of this subsector in the national clothing industry, this project was created by the Center for Textile Intelligence (CENIT), in partnership with ANIVEC – National Association of Clothing and Clothing Industries.

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Kids MODAPORTUGAL is represented by a group of eight brands that embraced the challenge of, together with CENIT, presenting the diversity of the national offer, at the same time that they launched an alert about the dynamism of an entire sector that includes, approximately, five dozens of brands, with strong international expression and recognition, underlines the organization in a statement.

According to the same source, under the sign of sustainability, these eight Portuguese brands – Baby Gi, Knot, Laranjinha, Play Up, Pureté, Snug, Wedoble and Wolf&Rita – “represent a whole movement that is concerned with the positive impacts that fashion can have on the environment, people and the economy and are the protagonists of the campaign”.

“TOGETHER FOR THE FUTURE” is the launch motto, which affirms the commitment to a safer and more sustainable future on the part of Portuguese brands. All communication was inspired by the theme of sustainability, future and unity. This digital showcase, as well as the campaign video, can be visited at

The Portuguese textile and clothing sector “is experiencing a moment of transformation to which the children's clothing subsector is no stranger. This industry represents, today, one of the country's main development engines, with the children's clothing subsector being one of the most dynamic, as evidenced by the constant launch of new brands”.

In fact, adds the statement, the Portuguese clothing sector “has been leading one of the main transformations of the industrial and business fabric of the country. Due to its dynamics and spirit of innovation, the subsector of the children's clothing industry (baby and children) occupies an unquestionable space, having a strong export component. Effectively, according to CENIT estimates, only 16% of the national production of children's clothing is destined for domestic trade”.

Estimates, the statement also reveals, indicate that the corresponding turnover, exclusively to the children's clothing manufacturing subsector, is around 600 million euros, and that this grew by around 6% between 2019 and 2021.

“In this way and believing that unity is strength, these brands come together in search of greater appreciation, with a unique seal of Portuguese Production associated with sustainability, they want to go further together in their Internationalization”, underlines the same source.

Thus, Kids MODAPORTUGAL was born with a narrow focus on the B2B growth of these brands, the search for buyers and distributors and the growing appreciation of Portuguese quality.

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