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The secret of sustainable Portuguese children's fashion

The secret of sustainable Portuguese children's fashion
January 27, 2023



The secret of sustainable Portuguese children's fashion

Portuguese children's fashion is presented in Spain to reveal its secret about sustainability in "Together for the future" by Kids ModaPortugal.

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The textile industry is in a complete change. If you have noticed an evolution in women's or men's clothing, you will see it much more in fashion for children. Of course, the benchmark that is opening the way to know the path to real sustainability is being done by children's fashion in Portugal.

Children's fashion garments have as many lives as generations.

Kids MODAPORTUGAL is a group made up of eight children's fashion brands from Portugal. Baby Gi, Knot, Laranjinha, Play Up, Pureté, Snug, Wedoble and Wolf&Rita. These are the brands that promote diversity and sustainability in manufacturing processes. And so that everyone in Spain knows first-hand how they are working from Portugal, an exhibition was presented in Madrid under the name of Together for the Future. With this initiative it is made very clear that Portugal is one of the great references in sustainability issues within the textile world. For Kids MODAPORTUGAL the three “Ps” are very important: people, product and planet. We verified this in the presentation they made in Madrid, where the best pieces of their eight firms were exhibited and they explained what their work bases are: children's clothes have more lives, consumption must be responsible and the fabric must be of quality.

The goal is to make baggy designs for all body types and sizes.

All the garments of the Kids MODAPORTUGAL collective of brands are made with 100% organic cotton, hemp or wool. Three materials for children's fashion from Portugal. In this way, they make the designs timeless, durable and versatile. The main goal is to make the garments last over time, in other words, to prolong the life of the clothes. That is why it is also important that children's clothing designs are looser so that they are functional for longer.

Fashion in Portugal is in the process of sustainable transformation.

Fashion in Portugal is in the process of sustainable transformation.

"Made in Portugal" is gaining strength throughout Europe. It has become a synonym that assures the final consumer that their garments are produced in a country with strong labor legislation and social sustainability, guaranteeing rights and access to health”, describes Luis Figueiredo President of CENIT (Textile Intelligence Center) and adds that “is promoting circular fashion that requires collaboration, responsibility and creativity. Every day they work to find circular and inclusive solutions throughout their value chain.” At the exhibition, the public was able to see the video of the Kids MODAPORTUGAL campaign. Thus, it was reaffirmed that children's fashion in Portugal is in full transformation. Specifically, the eight brands that are within the association have taken the step of setting up a new industry and leaving the classic methods in the past. In order to curb the environmental impact, they have incorporated techniques as simple as hemming, or the incorporation of looser designs.

All brands fight against textile waste from an early age.

The exhibition is a declaration of intent. Children's fashion from Portugal wants to change things, and it is doing so. Kids MODAPORTUGAL through this initiative, showed all their techniques and tools that they are using to help the environment. We cannot forget that to face the fight against textile waste, they have established a series of rules that everyone complies with and they are the following: Natural and organic fabrics. Reduced color palette to avoid dyes. Reuse of old stock. Stock utilization. evolutionary designs. Use of materials for bags or scrunchies. Product revaluation. ●Children's fashion grew by 6% between 2019 and 2021.● Portugal has become a benchmark in fashion and the growth of its economy. Its turnover is between 600 million euros. In this way, the textile industry occupies a great important place in the export activity. The Together for the Future exhibition, in collaboration with CENIT (Textile Intelligence Center) and ANIVEC (Portuguese Association of Clothing and Clothing Industries), shows what the future of children's fashion in Portugal is like and will be. It is a trip to the future. The President of CENIT stressed that “Portugal assumes the role of an innovative and dynamic actor. Very differentiated and excellent product solutions are included" and he focused his statement on the country's objective "preference is given to more natural raw materials that favor the care and well-being of the baby or child".

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