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Kids ModaPortugal, juntos por un futuro mejor

Kids ModaPortugal, juntos por un futuro mejor
December 16, 2022


Kids ModaPortugal, juntos por un futuro mejor

The Kids ModaPortugal initiative has been launched by CENIT (Textile Intelligence Center) and ANIVEC (Portuguese Association of Garment and Clothing Industries).

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Focus on eight Portuguese children's fashion brands

The objective of the initiative is the international dissemination of the dynamism and diversity of Portuguese children's fashion brands that operate in the global market.

Although the campaign focuses on eight brands that are very representative of the Portuguese offer, the concept encompasses more than 50 firms. Companies that, with their creativity and know-how, make up the export offer of this segment. The love for natural raw materials and sustainability are the guiding axis of their values ​​as brands and the common philosophy that they share and distinguish them.

Kids Moda Portugal focuses on highlighting eight Portuguese brands that, with their commitment to sustainability, put a face and eyes on this movement: Baby Gi, Knot, Laranjinha, Play Up, Pureté, Snug, Wedoble, Wolf&Rita.

They represent this universe of brands for which the positive impact that fashion has to have on the environment, on people and on the economy are essential values ​​of their firms and, therefore, of this campaign.

Together for the future

Together for the future

Together for the Future or "Juntos por un futuro mejor" are the slogans in English and Spanish that express this commitment and that also implies unity of action, mutual support and hope for a better future, that of children, as can be seen in the website The Portuguese textile and clothing industry is in a moment of transformation, if not a real revolution, with the use of new materials, change of processes and the application of new technologies, which contribute to the objectives of greater efficiency, reduction of the environmental impact, and a decided reinforcement of the circular economy.

One of the engines of development and innovation in Portugal

This industry continues to be one of the engines of development and innovation in Portugal today, and the children's fashion subsector is one of the most dynamic in launching brands and in its strong export component, since it is estimated that only 16% of this production is destined for the domestic market, the rest being exported to numerous countries, and with an estimated sales volume of 600 million euros. This campaign launched by CENIT – in collaboration with ANIVEC – is co-financed by the Fondo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional, through the Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization Portugal 2020.

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